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A Builder You Can Trust: East & Westbrook's Blueprint for Safe PEMB Installations

Safe PEMB Installations
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Discover the blueprint for safe Pre-Engineered Metal Building installations with East & Westbrook. Choose a builder you can trust for durable, tailored solutions. Get your project estimate today!

East & Westbrook is Committed to Safety in EVERY PEMB Installation

In the dynamic landscape of Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing Industries, the importance of a qualified and safe building installer cannot be overstated. East & Westbrook stands as a testament to this commitment, ensuring that safety takes precedence in every Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) installation.

Graphic with image of a PEMB metal building in the background with this text, "Over the years, we have erected hundreds of metal buildings for our customers including warehouses, administrative office buildings, control rooms, laboratories, and equipment enclosures. We have many repeat customers and this a testament to our safety, quality workmanship, and performance on each and every one of our projects."
What is the Primary Advantage of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings?

You may already be familiar with the myriad advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings and the benefits of working with a metal building erector who’s an expert in the industry—saving time and money, ensuring quality, and offering customization at scale. But when you’re considering a pre-engineered metal building that’s built to last, how can you be sure that you’re working with the right metal building erector who will respect the site of your future business and deliver a safe PEMB installation?

In the realm of steel erection, a builder's commitment to safety is as crucial as the advantages offered by the structure itself.

Graphic that looks like a blueprint, with lines coming off each aspect of the build that list each of the following: Saving Time, Protecting Your Investment, Ensuring Quality, Commitment to Safety—all important aspects of a safe PEMB installation with East & Westbrook.

Disadvantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings: Addressing Safety Challenges

Steel erection consistently ranks among the top 10 most hazardous occupations, according to BLS fatality data. Safety in this field is not merely an option; it's a non-negotiable requirement. Our design team at East & Westbrook acknowledges the challenges in finding erectors with the necessary safety statistics for industrial environments. To counter this, East & Westbrook made a strategic decision—to self-perform PEMB erection, aligning with OSHA safety guidelines to ensure a secure workplace.

At East & Westbrook, safety isn't just a commitment; it's an integral part of everything we do. Before the commencement of any project, our safety department collaborates closely with the estimating team, project management, and field crew to ensure the well-being of our team and all individuals on the job site. Assessing critical factors such as building size, eave height, and fall clearances, our PEMB team works in tandem with estimating and production teams to determine the necessary fall protection equipment. In this collaborative effort, we analyze site configurations, assess the need for cranes, and coordinate with other trades to create a seamless operation. Choosing an appropriate crew size and ensuring the right expertise is on board are paramount considerations in our safety-first approach.

Two construction workers on a build site safely guiding a steel bar hanging from a crane into place, forming the structural foundation of a PEMB build.

Beyond the detailed steel erection plan, our commitment extends to hands-on training for our employees. We prioritize not just paperwork but real-time preparation, ensuring that our team is well-versed in creating a safe work environment before embarking on any project.

In an industry where challenges are prevalent, we approach each project with a determined spirit, using adversity as a chance to demonstrate our expertise. When faced with tough terrains and inherent risks, trust in our team and in the safety processes in place form the foundation of our approach. East & Westbrook excels in challenging environments, not only when constructing buildings but also in establishing a reputation for trust, dependability, and unmatched expertise.

Designed to Meet Your Needs: The Benefits of a Design-Build Strategy

East & Westbrook's commitment to safety extends to their approach as a full-service partner, offering a complete design-build strategy. This approach not only streamlines the process but also enhances safety by integrating design and construction seamlessly. Minimize disputes, interruptions, and delays on your project with a builder you can trust.

Graphic image with the text "Featured Project: Steel Manufacturing New Warehouse & Annex" with an image of a recent PEMB erection completed in Kentucky.
Your Metal Building Erectors Solution

If you're seeking a durable, sustainable pre-engineered metal building that's built to last, designed specifically for your needs, and erected with a relentless focus on safety, East & Westbrook is your metal building erectors solution. With hundreds of successfully installed metal buildings, including warehouses, administrative office buildings, control rooms, laboratories, and equipment enclosures, East & Westbrook has maintained an exemplary safety record. The numerous repeat customers stand as a testament to the company's commitment to safety, quality workmanship, and stellar performance on every project.

In an industry where safety is paramount, choose a builder you can trust—choose East & Westbrook.

Graphic with the text, "Your vision, our expertise—building a safer future together." Graphic also features the East & Westbrook logo and a photo of another safe PEMB installation, another reason why East & Westbrook are the metal building erectors you can trust.

Ready to embark on your next project with confidence? East & Westbrook invites you to take the first step toward a secure, efficient, and tailored Pre-Engineered Metal Building installation. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with a detailed project estimate that not only aligns with your vision but also ensures the highest standards of safety and quality.

Let us bring your ideas to life while prioritizing the well-being of everyone on the job site and the success of your project. Contact us today for a project estimate to build the future home of your business.

Since 1977, East & Westbrook Construction Co. Inc. has worked with industrial & commercial clients solving their most challenging construction problems. Through strategic partnerships and calculated growth, we offer our clients a wide variety of construction services regionally and nationally, including General Contracting, Industrial & Commercial Concrete, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Design-Build, Fabrication, and Maintenance. Today, 80% of our projects come from repeat clients. Our foundation is built on safety, quality, and performance. We are proud to have received multiple awards, including the Governors Safety & Health Award (five-time award winner), EHS Today America’s Safest Companies, and Best Places to Work in Louisville and the State of Kentucky. For more information about starting your next project or joining our team, call 502-222-0303.