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We are drug-free, qualified, and trained, and conduct ourselves as experienced pros who are the best in our industry.

Professionalism is not just something we implement at the office. We promote it on the job site, in front of clients, during meetings, and outside of work. Wherever it may be, we strive to act in a professional manner because we are a reflection of East & Westbrook at all times. We believe professionalism isn't something you turn on, but it's who you learn to be.

Why It Matters

  1. We are representing East & Westbrook in everything that we do, inside and outside of the office, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.
  2. The quality of our work is positively impacted by the professionalism we show on a project.
  3. Our reputation as a company is built and determined by each team member’s ability to handle a situation professionally and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

"Professionalism is not the job you do. It's how you do the job."

Always On

Professionalism isn't a button we choose to turn on and off. We believe professionalism should be a constant on and off the job site.

Qualified Workforce

Our team is qualified to provide the highest level of professional work possible because we believe every client and project deserves nothing less.

Recurring Training

Maintaining professionalism since 1977 with a growing team is only possible through constant and thorough training.

Pro-Level Standards

Our standards are high for everyone on our team. We believe that anyone representing our name should rise to these high standards of professionalism to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.

Let’s build better together.