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Our positivity is contagious. Even when it gets tough, we are willing to learn, willing to teach, and willing to try.

Attitude sets the tone for the day and, ultimately, for the project’s success. At East & Westbrook, we believe it all starts with attitude. We encourage our team to exemplify a good attitude from the start to the finish of each day. Regardless of the challenges that we face on a project, positivity breeds positivity, and a good attitude will positively impact each team member and the way we work.

Why It Matters

  1. We believe that a positive attitude plays a large factor in the outcome. With a resilient mindset and forward-thinking approach, there is nothing our team can’t accomplish.
  2. Our approach to each project determines our clients’ happiness, so we make it a priority to promote a good attitude daily.
  3. A positive attitude directly impacts the collaboration our team has on every project and allows us to perform at our best.

"A positive attitude will have positive results. Attitudes are contagious."

Quality Leadership

We believe the right attitude doesn't have a job title. At E&W, our leadership help to foster and live a positive attitude across our entire company and on every project.

Contagious Culture

If people don't like where they are, it's hard to have the right attitude every day. That is why we invest in our team and culture to ensure E&W can be a positive work environment for everyone on the team.

Constant Improvement

A great attitude starts with the idea that there is always something to learn, teach, or try. We encourage our team to live these out every day.

Rewards & Recognition

Reward what you want repeated. We reward and recognize our team members when they possess and share a positive attitude.

Let’s build better together.