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Commercial Steel Buildings: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
East & Westbrook Construction

Trust the experts. Learn more about what makes East & Westbrook's pre-engineered metal building service your top choice.

Founded in 1977, our decades of experience as industrial and commercial contractors and steel building erectors of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) have given East & Westbrook a keen understanding of the industry. We develop expert solutions to the most complex structures in various industries, such as manufacturing, power generation, warehousing/distribution, and steel and chemical companies, to name a few, with industrial and commercial clients throughout Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee.

Crew members admire their installation of the beams that cut through the sky, as they make headway on the pre-engineered metal building for Nucor.

When your company is deciding whether or not to construct a pre-engineered metal building, there are some important advantages to consider. Pre-engineered metal building construction is a top choice for companies that are looking for higher cost efficiency, as this method of construction allows for a curated building at a reasonable price. Additionally, design flexibility is a component of PEMBs that stands out to those interested in constructing a building to meet their needs. Typically, there is decreased production time, as all materials are pre-cut and prepared for your specific design specifications before they are delivered to the construction site. The structural strength of East & Westbrook’s PEMBs is top-notch, as our team works to construct a building that is dependable for years to come. Lastly, PEMBs are easily expandable and allow for easy expansion when the client decides this is needed.

Time We strive to maintain our customer satisfaction rate through open communication and honest suggestions throughout the entire project, and by ensuring that we supply a dedicated team to keep the project on track. We plan, we commit to, and we meet our deadlines.
Money We take your investment in our work seriously and strive to complete each project within the agreed budget. We are committed to providing the most accurate budget possible during the contract proposal, which accounts for every aspect of the project.
Quality East & Westbrook strictly follows a comprehensive Quality Assurance manual that covers every aspect of construction. To effectively manage and execute an optimum result, we work hard to develop a deep understanding of our client's objectives and priorities prior to beginning any project.
Safety Through our safety program, we work to ensure that all people, equipment, and property are protected before and during every project. As long as the possibilities exists for even one person to suffer injury or illness, we will continue to strive for safety improvement.
Partnered with the best metal-building manufacturers, East & Westbrook can provide preliminary and full design, effective budgets, and competitive orders.

Choosing a contracting team for your pre-engineered metal building project requires trust that the company can accomplish your goals safely, on time, within budget, and with excellence. Our ability to self-perform the installation of metal buildings is a great advantage to our clients. Partnered with the best metal-building manufacturers, East & Westbrook can provide preliminary design, effective budgets, competitive orders, and full design. Additionally, East & Westbrook has the expert ability and experience to erect pre-engineered metal buildings of a variety of sizes. You can count on a quick and accurate design turnaround time and an organized building process and delivery. Whether our team erects the building or we subcontract the work, you are guaranteed a professional installation from start to finish. Our highly specialized and trained iron-worker crews have vast experience with erecting PEMBs, which include specialty projects involving structural steel or sheet metal installation, and implementing essential details, such as the final trim.

Additionally, our PEMB services are completely customizable, providing our customers the ability to design and build whatever application best suits their needs. Our team can take an idea and sketch it from scratch using our in-house architectural services. This 3D rendering lets our customers see the final product before breaking ground and allows us to not only meet our customer's needs but exceed their expectations with a full turn-key package. We aim to ensure that each project is completed on time while upholding our core values. 


At East & Westbrook, safety is never compromised. No matter the project, timeline, or budget, our team is committed to implementing the highest level of safety possible on the job site. Prior to the start of a pre-engineered metal building project, the safety department works with the estimating department, project management team, and field crew to ensure the safety of our team and anyone else on the job site. Prior to mobilization, our pre-engineered metal building team works with the estimating and production teams to analyze specifications, such as the size of the building and the highest and lowest eave, which helps us determine the fall clearances and determine the proper fall protection equipment. Additionally, we brainstorm site configuration, decide whether or not a crane will be needed to install any portion of the PEMB, and work in conjunction with or around other trades. We choose the correct crew size and the experience required for the project. 

Carefully considering every aspect of the project ensures the safest construction process possible. Our steel erection plan is a highly detailed and organized outline that we complete for all of our pre-engineered metal building projects. However, it is most important to us that our efforts go beyond the paper, which is why we train our employees to create a safe work environment and prepare them for the plan before beginning any project. 

Two East & Westbrook team members give a thumbs up during a day on the job site. The copy states, "Let's Get Started. Build Better with East & Westbrook."

Choose a construction team focused on building more than just your project. Our team of experts is here to construct your building with the highest quality materials, an effective budget, and with intentional and functional design elements. Choose East & Westbrook for your Pre-Engineered Metal Building needs! Learn more about our Pre-Engineered Metal Building services and give our team a call today.

Since 1977, East & Westbrook Construction Co. Inc. has worked with commercial and industrial clients solving their most challenging construction problems. Through strategic partnerships and calculated growth, we now offer our clients a wide variety of construction services regionally and nationally, including General Contracting, Industrial Concrete, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Design-Build, Fabrication, and Maintenance. Today, 80% of our projects come from repeat customers. Our foundation is built on safety, quality, and performance. We are proud to have received multiple awards, including the Governors Safety & Health Award (five-time award winner), EHS Today America’s Safest Companies, and Best Places to Work in Louisville and the State of Kentucky. For more information about starting your next project or joining our team, call 502-222-0303.