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Unlocking the Benefits of Design-Build Services with East & Westbrook


Explore how our design-build services bring your construction project to life.

What is Design-Build Service?

At East & Westbrook, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional work on projects with expedited timelines while never compromising on quality. Our design-build process allows us to meet deadlines without cutting corners. This service is a streamlined and collaborative approach to commercial and industrial construction. When a project owner partners with our design-build team, they gain all the advantages of hiring a general contractor. This team provides the project owner with the same level of expertise, commitment, and availability. Moreover, they take on the responsibilities of contracting an architect, engineer, subcontractors, material suppliers, and specialists to complete the entire build process.

The benefits of choosing this process over a general contractor include:

  • Simplifying the designing, planning, and building processes through a single point of contact.
  • Involving fewer parties in the project, which results in lower costs.
  • Minimizing disputes, interruptions, and delays, making it easier to adhere to the schedule and achieve project goals.
  • Gaining access to a full team of experts and industry specialists.

Experience Expedited Project Timelines

When it comes to industrial and commercial construction, time is of the essence, and our design-build services are tailored to maximize it. Our process redefines efficiency in the industry, ensuring that our clients experience swift project completion without sacrificing safety, quality, or performance.

Saving Cost

A point of hesitation with the design-build process is the uncertainty around whether clients are receiving the best value. We can provide open-book competitive pricing from most subcontractors and major material suppliers, enabling the owner to gain insight into the competitive pricing. This holds particular significance for non-profit organizations and others who are accountable to a board of directors, ensuring that they are receiving the best value.

By working closely with our clients from the project's inception, we ensure that their vision is done so within their budget constraints. With our design-build services, clients can trust that their project will be completed efficiently and economically, delivering outstanding value and long-term savings.

Convenience and Communication

We understand that when our clients start a project, they want a partner who can seamlessly handle all the intricacies of the process while allowing them to focus on what they do best – running their business.

One of the advantages of design-build is the seamless daily interaction between our designers and the construction teams. This ongoing communication ensures that our projects stay up-to-date with lead times, material pricing, and availability. It guarantees that construction methods are thoughtfully considered right from the project's inception. From day one, we assume the role of the owner's agent, offering guidance through a construction process that often involves elements many clients may not be familiar with.

When you partner with East & Westbrook, you are not just getting construction expertise; you're getting peace of mind, knowing that your business is our business, and we're here to make your vision a reality.

Design Visualization: From Concept Plans & Renderings to Construction

In our design-build services, we are able to provide conceptual drawings and produce photorealistic renderings at an earlier stage of the process compared to many of our competitors. This service allows owners to have a more comprehensive understanding of our proposals right from the beginning of our discussions.

A Photorealistic Render of the Rocket Storage Project

A Completed View of the Rocket Storage Project

See Design-Build Method in Action

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