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Safety is paramount in everything we do at East & Westbrook. Since 1977, our company has ensured that safety would not just be a buzzword heard around the job site or in a sales meeting but that it would be absolutely essential to our culture. We can't define success without the highest level of safety training, preparedness, and execution attached. Our clients depend on us to provide a safe working environment with minimal disruption and, most importantly, our team desires to go home safely to their families every day.

Why It Matters

  1. Conducting a high-performing safety program eliminates human suffering by injury, illness, or loss of life and allows team members to continue to work, succeed, and provide for their families.
  2. An outstanding safety record reflects positively on the quality of management and supervision we are able to provide.
  3. Safe work serves as an integral part of quality control, cost control, job efficiency, planning, and execution that leads to growth and success for everyone.

“The first step in mastering job site safety is to focus on the small details that make a world of difference.”

We are committed to keeping our team safe.

Each year, we gather our team together for the annual East & Westbrook Safety Summit, an entire day dedicated to improving our safety culture. What started as a small gathering back in 2014 has quickly grown to hundreds of team members setting down their tools and equipment to focus on safety because there is nothing more important than our team and every individual on our job sites going home safe. It’s a time to gather to review and celebrate our performance from the previous year and set goals for the current year. We eat lots of great food, continue building solid relationships with each other, and have fun along the way. Here's a recap from 2024:

Proactive Planning

Before a construction project begins, we review the scope of the job and establish safety requirements for all phases of the project. This ensures that we have the right plan to achieve the highest level of safety possible from start to finish.

Task Performance Plan

The right execution begins with our team gathering together. We hold safety meetings for each project and conduct daily job briefings each morning before work begins onsite.

Safety Training

Every team member is given the knowledge to be successful in regard to safety before setting foot on any project. From extensive safety training during onboarding, including 10 hours of OSHA training, to ongoing training throughout the year, we are invested in providing safety excellence for our team and clients.

Good Catch

We believe in full transparency. All crew members work together to identify and speak up about potential hazards and implement mitigation strategies. Safety is an integral part of our culture, and speaking up to ensure everyone goes home safely is both expected and encouraged by all team members.

The Safety Hexagon

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It is vital to our company that each team member at East & Westbrook backs our safety pledge. Regardless of the team member’s title, every employee plays a crucial role in maintaining E&W’s safety culture.


At East & Westbrook, accountability is about more than compliance. We ensure our programs are designed with excellent safety protocols. We are willing to highlight our faults in order to correct them because we are being held accountable by our team members and, most importantly, our clients.


An essential component of our program is pre-planning with our Task Performance Plan (TPP). The TPP allows the crew to review the task, document the steps necessary to complete the task, and determine if there are any hazards. Then, they can reduce the risk associated with each step of the task by correcting the potential hazards.


Collaboration is essential to overcoming problems. By sharing ideas as a team, we discover that each individual has a unique set of knowledge and experiences to offer. The more we share, the more we gain, and the safer we work.


Safety begins and finishes with us. At East & Westbrook, safety is in our hands, and it is our choice. Safety cannot be sacrificed because no injury is worth the risk or the potential sacrifice. It is necessary for each of us to do our part.

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