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We work to satisfy our clients and community, follow through on commitments & keep our promises.

Our expectation is to serve every client with exceptional service every time. We do this by going above and beyond what is requested of us and by clearly understanding what we have been hired to do. Additionally, service at East & Westbrook goes beyond our clients. We believe it is just as important to serve our own team and community. A service mindset leaves a lasting and positive impression on everyone involved.

Why It Matters

  1. At East & Westbrook, we believe the work we do is bigger than us. It is about serving our clients, our team members, and our communities in the best way possible.
  2. It is important that our team is service-minded with all of our efforts to ensure that we can provide the best outcome to our clients.
  3. We serve our team well so that they can serve our clients well.

"Service to others leads to greatness all around."

Beyond Expectations

It's important to us that we go beyond expectations on every project and for every client.

Lasting Legacy

Since 1977, our company has been built with a service mindset. Service is a big part of the legacy we hope to leave to the next generation of E&W team members, just like it was left to us.

Contagious Service

Being served feels good. We have found that a service mindset is contagious and invites others to take part.

Exceptional Outcomes

At the core of our service is the fact that we want to provide exceptional outcomes on every project.

Serving Our Team

Serving Our Clients

Serving Our Community

The Dream Factory grants the wishes of critically and chronically ill children. East & Westbrook had the incredible honor of constructing a concrete basketball court for a young lady in southern Indiana who loved basketball and had a wish for a court in her backyard!

Monthly Good Catch Donation

Each month, a Good Catch participant chooses a nonprofit organization for E&W to donate to on their behalf. This is one of many ways our team can live out our value of service, expressing gratitude to organizations that touch lives and make a difference in our community.

Let’s build better together.