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2024 Safety Summit - Small Details Make a World of Difference

2024 Safety Summit
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The 10th annual East & Westbrook Safety Summit, held at the Kentucky International Convention Center, welcomed 350+ team members, clients, and vendors for a day of connection, growth, safety education, and celebration.

2024 Safety Summit - Small Details Make a World of Difference

East & Westbrook’s 10th annual 2024 Safety Summit was a tremendous success! Each year, we gather our entire team together, this year at the Kentucky International Convention Center for a day of training, celebration, food, and community. This year’s theme is “Small Details Make a World of Difference.”

We hold our annual Safety Summit to celebrate the efforts of our growing team to ensure continued improvement in safety, and we use it as a call to action to set the tone for our entire working year. With our 2024 focus on the small details that make a world of difference, we aim to make it possible to send everyone home safely at the end of every day.

A breakout session at East & Westbrook's 2024 Safety Summit in Kentucky, where multiple team members are receiving safety training from a presenter, all learning as much as they can to maintain and improve East & Westbrook's safety statistics.
Breakout sessions to break down construction safety for our growing team

Our 2024 Safety Summit included multiple breakout sessions for our team to share a cohesive message and to provide essential training. Our team has grown significantly since 2023, and we want to welcome new team members, as well as long-term team members, to our workplace culture of safety first and foremost in everything we do.

Each team member attended sessions that best matched their work duties. Our goal with these breakout sessions is, as always, to make sure each team member has a solid understanding of how to keep themselves and their coworkers safe on a worksite and to emphasize that their safety is important to us every day.

Quote from Alex of Total Tool that reads, "It is refreshing to collaborate with a company that places such a strong emphasis on employee safety and well-being. East and Westbrook's commitment to fostering a safe workplace for all is evident. I appreciate the chance to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding safety in the workplace."
East & Westbrook Safety Stats for 2023
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)

TRIR is a Bureau of Labor statistic that tallies up how many of your team members, per 100, sustain a workplace injury in a similar type of work that requires care beyond first aid. East & Westbrook prides itself on providing the training and safety equipment that prevents injuries, and our stats show how that preparation and training pays off. Our 2023 TRIR was 0.34; this is not only an improvement over our 2022 numbers, with a 14% reduction in 2023, but it is almost 10 times lower than the industry average.

We are proud of our low injury rate, but our workplace safety goal will always be zero injuries. With a focus on small details that make a world of difference, our team aims to prevent all injuries every day on every worksite. 

A breakdown of the Total Recordable Incident Rate for the industry average, 3, and the 2023 East & Westbrook TRIR of 0.34
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)

Alongside injury rates, we keep track of LTIR, where an injury is severe enough that it requires a team member to miss a day, or days, of work. Our LTIR rate has been lower than the industry average for years, and 2023 was no exception. East & Westbrook’s LTIR is nearly 3 times lower than the industry average for 2023, and our goal remains, as always, for it to be zero in 2024. 

We take the adage “everyone home safely at the end of the day” seriously, encouraging our team members to take steps every day to ensure worksite safety for the job at hand. With our understanding of the LTIR injury that occurred in 2023, we’ve made changes to prevent similar injuries in the future. Continuous improvement will always be our goal when it comes to safety!

A statistical breakdown of Lost Time Incident rates, with 1.3 as the industry average and 0.34 as the 2023 East and Westbrook LTIR.
Sharing our mission: everyone home safe at the end of the day

Our Safety Summit kicks off each year’s efforts to continue training and audits on safety with our many worksites, and 2024 will be a year of continued improvement. East & Westbrook knows that “safety first” isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s words we live by, day in and day out, as “America’s Safest Place to Work.” If you’re looking to join a team where your safety on the job site is a top priority, check out our careers page. And if you’re looking to build with a company that knows safe structures start with safe workers, connect with us today to see how we can help. 

All attendees at the 2024 East & Westbrook Safety Summit, standing on the conference room floor and smiling at the camera, ready for their breakout session training. Also included is the logo and this year's theme, "Small details make a WORLD of DIFFERENCE"

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