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Scaffolding & Temporary Access

East & Westbrook has a unique in-house maintenance group dedicated solely to scaffolding and other various types of maintenance work and upkeep. This group builds scaffolding to allow temporary access to existing structures for maintenance purposes, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and continued quality long after the initial construction is complete.

A recent job at a Kentucky-based chemical plant required over 20,000 different parts for the construction of the intricate scaffolding system, which reached heights of nearly 160 feet. E&W built the scaffolding structure for the maintenance crew to work on, which enabled another crew to remove existing insulation before sandblasting and re-insulating it to complete the job. As with most of our scaffolding work, we assembled the scaffolding equipment as we ascended upwards, building on the move to efficiently and masterfully complete the job at hand. However, this was just one of our many ongoing scaffolding jobs; in fact, at the time of this writing, we have over 100 continuous scaffolding jobs, supplying us with opportunities to constantly improve on and maintain our projects.

Custom-Built Temporary Access Structures for Concrete Maintenance and Repair









Work Type



  • 100+ simultaneous scaffolding jobs
  • 20,000+ parts used in the scaffolding system
  • Up to 160 ft. scaffolding height

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