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Power Generation Gypsum Stackout

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adopted new rules concerning Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs), power generation facilities across the country acted swiftly to comply with the latest regulations, reconstructing stackers and other power generation byproduct collection and storage areas. As such, a prominent midwestern power company hired East & Westbrook to construct a new gypsum stacking facility at their primary power plant.

The project came with a unique set of challenges that included designing and implementing extensive drainage trenches adhering to the latest regulations, constructing new sediment basins and stormwater structures, relocating and/or modifying existing conveyor belt systems, relocating and maintaining discharge hopper/feeder, relocating electrical power feed to conveyance equipment, installing wash down water piping and hydrants, building a massive of perimeter containment walls, and finishing the 6-month project with zero downtime interruptions to plant operations.

To address water collection, storage, and treatment needs, the team installed 1,200 ft of trench drains/grating and 14 ft deep sediment basins, complete with hydrants and wash-down water piping. The runoff system ensured that any and all rainwater that came in contact with the gypsum stacks was collected and treated before it left the property. The perimeter concrete containment wall measured 950′ x 8′ x 14″, which surrounded the 105,000 sq. ft. gypsum load-out area.

The aggressive construction timeline meant meticulous planning and execution were crucial to staying on schedule. To accomplish this, E&W phased the project out into three sequences which allowed for plant operations to continue normally during the construction of the facilities. The team also managed and scheduled multiple sub-contractors for electrical and mechanical work, integrating them into various phases of the project. Even with a scope that increased mid-project, jeopardizing the overall timeframe, E&W was able to complete the project within the tight 6-month window.

Power Generation Gypsum Stackout


Power Plant


Midwestern US


General Construction, Industrial Concrete


6 months

Work Type

Power Generation


  • 105,000 sq. ft. of 13” concrete slabs
  • 425,600 CY of perimeter containment walls
  • 1,200 ft of linear drainage trenches

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