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Making National Safety Month A Permanent Mentality

June 6, 2022
East & Westbrook Construction

Safety is the foundation of our success at East & Westbrook.

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Safety First…

Safety is the foundation of our success at East & Westbrook. It is a core value and our culture. We train and prepare our team to recognize unsafe conditions and eliminate injury to our people and destruction to our clients property. Every aspect of our quality work and performance is safety driven because we care about our team making it home to their loved ones and our clients receiving the best experience.

The month of June is National Safety Month, but we put a focus on building a safe mentality every day of the year! It is because of our dedication to safety that we continue to build successful relationships with new and existing clients. Putting safety first, means being first in safety.

… Means First in Safety
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For the fourth time, we were honored to receive the Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s Governor Safety & Health Award. In May, we traveled to Bowling Green, KY to be recognized by Governor Andy Beshear for our safety performance. We are grateful to see the results of our team’s commitment and are proud to share in this success, together.

Every individual member of East & Westbrook is to thank, but how do we reach this on an individual level? We train every person, we take the time to present safety topics to our team during National Safety Week in May, and we attend conferences that further increase our knowledge and leadership abilities. From safety presentations on our Marzetti and Nucor Brandenburg projects, to OSHA partnerships on Firestone, and conference presentations in between, let’s review a few of our recent safety highlights:

Marzetti Safety Presentation
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Ragan Shirrell, an East and Westbrook Safety Manager on the Marzetti job site, presented a topic regarding safe practices when working in and around concrete. This was presented to all contractors at the Marzetti job as a part of their safety week. This is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge and gain clarity!

OSHA CPP Audit on Firestone
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CPP stands for Construction Partnership Program. This is a partnership between a contractor and OSHA Education and Training, it is a voluntary program that is offered by OSHA so that they can support us through hands-on education and awareness.

East and Westbrook has been involved in several CPP’s as a subcontractor previously. However, this is the first time we have had the opportunity to set up our own CPP as a General Contractor at our Firestone Site in Williamsburg, Kentucky. We have undergone numerous scheduled visits with OSHA Education and Training at our Firestone site where we have had the opportunity to learn and continuously improve!

Vendor Safety Presentation at Nucor Brandenburg
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Stephen Grinage, an East and Westbrook Safety Manager, set up a vendor to come on-site and discuss hand safety as part of safety week at our Nucor Brandenburg site. The vendor brought several different types of gloves for the crews to see examples and learn about having the right PPE (personal protective equipment) for the task. Give our team members a hand for thinking outside of the box!

Presentation at the CPP Conference
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The East & Westbrook Safety Department attended the CPP conference where we had the opportunity to learn about how other companies run successful safety programs. While at this conference we were able to gain new ideas that could help us continuously improve. This is a conference that consisted of companies that were either a part of a partnership with OSHA or were interested in getting involved.

Additionally, John Dunn, Senior Safety Manager, and Amber Lohman, Safety Director, presented on programs that East and Westbrook have in place to proactively prevent incidents from occurring.

Our Good Catch program that increases foresight and holds our team accountable through recognizing and preventing safety issues is a program that we truly value. Team Green, Task Between the Task, and Task Performance Plans are a few other ways that we encourage awareness and work safety on the job site. We will always make every effort to set the standard and put safety first!

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If you would like to experience our safe culture or learn more about East & Westbrook and how we can keep your next project safe through quality and performance, contact our team today. We look forward to building success with you.

To our customers, we thank you for your continued trust and we look forward to building your next project!

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