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Keeping the Lights On: Substation Concrete is Foundational To Uninterrupted Utilities

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Substation concrete work is the starting point to ensuring consistent electricity access in the US. East & Westbrook has the expertise and experience to work as your substation concrete contractor, providing excellent work on time and on spec.

Keeping the Lights On: Substation Concrete is Foundational To Uninterrupted Utilities

Electricity substations are a critical component of our nation’s power infrastructure, connecting power-generating facilities to the utility lines that serve our homes, businesses, hospitals, and even more recently, data centers. As our communities expand, the need for substations does nothing but grow.Access to electricity is key to day-to-day life and is even important enough to be considered part of our national security. As a concrete contractor, East & Westbrook knows the importance of quality; durable substation concrete is forefront in ensuring substation construction is a success.

Substation Success Starts with Concrete

Substations are complicated, with huge structures, heavy equipment, access needs for workers to run that equipment, and security needs to prevent damage or accidents. All of this infrastructure needs to rest on a foundation that is smooth, level, substantial, damage-resistant, and properly built by a substation concrete foundation contractor who knows exactly what they’re doing.

With expertly constructed caissons and drilled piers in an expertly poured and cured industrial concrete foundation, a substation can be built to last. An expert concrete foundation contractor like East & Westbrook can ensure the concrete work is done properly, so a substation can continue to safely and securely transfer power for the duration of its lifetime.

Our Experience as a Substation Contractor Ensures Success

East & Westbrook cut our industrial concrete teeth on the power industry, starting in 1982 with a client we still construct for today. Over the past 42 years, we’ve expanded our power infrastructure experience to substation concrete work, including detail work like substation caisson contracting and substation drilled pier contracting. 

Over the years, East & Westbrook has constructed and performed maintenance work for multiple substations across the United States. As an example of our capacity, on a single substation concrete project, we installed 125 equipment foundations, poured 2,000 cubic yards of concrete, and laid in 212,000 lbs of rebar, all in approximately 16 weeks, plus demolition and trench installation work. 

East & Westbrook Is Equipped To Do Substation Concrete Work Right

East & Westbrook crews are capable of managing robotic total station instruments for substation concrete work, alongside our extensive steel fabrication capacity and our precise industrial concrete capabilities, making us a one-stop shop for foundation concrete needs. Substation caissons, drilled piers, and equipment anchor bolts are all installed in a coordinated manner, and our concrete crews work hard to ensure a quality concrete pour and cure regardless of the weather conditions we encounter. We strive to do excellent work, eliminating the need for site revisits, all while keeping crew safety as a top priority.  

If you’re a substation contractor looking for excellence in a concrete foundation contractor, get in touch with East & Westbrook today. We’re ready and waiting, with the experience, employees, and equipment to meet your substation concrete needs.

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