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How Planning And Quality Control Achieve Your Project Goals

East & Westbrook Construction

The relationship we have with you is paramount to delivering a high-quality product.


The relationship we have with you is paramount to delivering a high-quality product. To effectively and efficiently manage and execute construction plans, the entire construction team that’s dedicated to your project will gather before it kicks off to ensure that we will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. From that point forward, we’ll meet with you as much as you need so that you’re confident with the scope of the work and the road map we’ll use.


We know that you won’t be proud of our work unless we are. To that end, our team is trained to provide value engineering opportunities that could actually end up saving you time and money.


We have an entire department dedicated to continuously improving product quality. Not only do project teams adhere to our quality standards, they’re also the first line of construction quality control. For them, special emphasis is placed on the following aspects of a build:

  • Strict safety standards
  • Smart scheduling
  • Risk mitigation in work planning
  • Rapid response to your requests
  • Supervision of site conditions, including equipment, suppliers and manpower

To manage every part of the process, our team follows these four stages:

  • Define – This first step requires us to study the contract requirements, drawings and specifications to ensure our team is ready to meet your expectations. Once we’re confident we can do so, we define the work for every tradesperson and confirm the materials and permanent equipment are submitted and/or approved and ready for work. Most importantly, our team determines if the project can be finished within the given time frame and provides suggestions to potentially improve on the completion date.

  • Execute – This is where our experience and creativity come into play. All of our efforts are based around our Safety, Health and Quality plans. We go above and beyond to make sure every step of the work plan is followed. On top of that, we keep the lines of communication open so you’re aware of your project’s progress and results.

  • Measure – This phase is critical to our process because we always want to get it right the first time. So, multiple teams collaborate to consistently measure the work and minimize mistakes. This attention to detail ensures we offer the best possible product while accomplishing our mutual objectives.  

  • Recognize – After the project is complete, we thoroughly review how well we met your expectations. We highlight positive outcomes and the experience gained and use everything as the groundwork to continuously improve.

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We won’t force you to change your plan so that it will fit our project. What we build will always revolve around your objectives. That’s how we’ve been providing top-quality results since 1977.

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