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How East & Westbrook Measures Up

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Distance is only a number to our team.

A Team that Measures Up

Our team at East & Westbrook is always growing! One aspect of this growth that we are proud of comes from obtaining new clients and new projects across the country. We may be located in Louisville, KY, but distance is only a number to our team.

A Few East & Westbrook Team Members

With each new team member, we set them up for success from the beginning. Whether we are training them on safety and quality procedures to exceed our client’s expectations, or we are taking the time to know each person on an individual level, we strive to create a culture that people want to be part of. By creating a valuable internal culture, we are preparing the entire organization for a successful project and recurring customers.

A few East & Westbrook Foreman Team Members at a Meeting

Every profession comes with risk factors and a set of safety standards that must be followed. At East & Westbrook, we work with concrete and metal. When working with these materials we prepare each person with proper PPE training, tool training, equipment training, fall protection, rigging, and signaling. One training that is very important to our team is crystalline silica training which is provided to make every person aware of the dangers related to particulates that can be found in concrete when it is airborne, how it can cause harm to your lungs, and how we prevent this! Every person goes into the job with the knowledge they need to be safe and provide quality work.

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Quality in the Quantity

Having a full scale team gives us the ability to operate many projects at the same time and it is our promise to provide quality to every client. The common phrase is “quality over quantity”, but why not have both? With our trained construction professionals who are ready to provide the best quality and performance on your next build, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands!

Baxter Apartment Project

When you begin a project, you may think that you know what your business is walking into, but when a surprise arises you need a skilled team that can take on a challenge! East & Westbrook can take time constraints, location holdbacks, and many other hurdles to win the race. One example of this is the Baxter Apartment Project in Louisville, KY. There were some unforeseen bad soil conditions. Concrete is strong, but the team has to work stronger and smarter in order to deliver a quality product! We completed a concrete package on four apartment buildings totaling around 81,000 sq ft, including a number of elevated slabs, stair pans, and landings. We also completed the foundations and slabs on a 32,000 sq ft parking garage. No one walks into a project looking for obstacles, but a little complicated soil did not stop us from completing this project to the highest quality!

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Brandenburg, KY Project

One project that we had the pleasure to complete was a Brandenburg, KY Project. This consisted of several different jobs that all took place at the same time. Because of the many moving parts, we had several different leaders, such as superintendents, foreman, and FIT’s (Foreman-In-Training).

Having several different leaders work toward a successful result was a huge positive on this project! This is one way that our East & Westbrook team can exceed quality expectations. On this project particularly, there were several equipment foundations that had stringent tolerances for the equipment to be set properly and match up with the prefabricated piping. This was no challenge that our team could not overcome. We are proud of our team for always working to deliver on the high safety and quality standards that we at East & Westbrook are proud to uphold.

If you give our team at East & Westbrook an inch, we’ll go the extra mile. Put your trust in our performance and the quality will speak for itself. Whether you have a demanding industrial project, a complex commercial project, a concrete or foundation project, or a pre-engineered metal building, our team at East & Westbrook will measure up and exceed your quality expectations. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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East & Westbrook Construction Co. Inc. has worked with commercial and industrial clients since 1977 to solve their most challenging construction problems. Through strategic partnership and calculated growth, we now offer our clients a wide variety of construction services both regionally and nationally. Today, 80% of our projects come from repeat customers. Our foundation is built on safety, quality, and performance. Lastly, East & Westbrook was awarded by Louisville Business First the Best Place to Work Award. For more information about starting your next project or joining our team, call 502-222-0303.