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Main Event Entertainment Center: Lexington, KY.

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At East & Westbrook, we value a successful project. One of our recent commercial and entertainment projects in Lexington, KY, has been just that! On the Main Event project, we were contracted to self-perform all building foundations, slab on grade, tilt-up wall panels, and an elevated bowling alley floor slab for the Main Event Entertainment Center on the corner of Nicholasville Road and New Circle Road. This new bowling alley is in a great location to show off what East & Westbrook can accomplish as a team!

One aspect of the project that we value more than the successful performance and high quality is the team who works hard to build each project safely! On this project, we had a team of ten who brought the timeline to 90% completion in twelve weeks!

Our Superintendent, David, brought years of experience performing tilt-up wall panels to the project. His experience, combined with the rest of our team, led to the successful completion of the project. The foreman on this project was Rene, an expert at leading field teams. He brought his experience of performing field survey/layout work with the total station to the project, as well as bridging communication with every team member, thanks to his bilingual knowledge and translation abilities.

Our operator for the Main Event was John. He is the definition of a team player and would always put his hands to use where someone may need him! Lorenzo, Andres, Juan C., Pablo, Geronimo, Juan R., and Fausto were the carpenters who kept the ball rolling every day. We are grateful for the hard work that each team member contributed! So, what took place in the twelve-week process? Let’s hit on that below!


Our team kicked off the first week of the project with mobilization. We established survey control and the layout of the building foundation. The next step was excavating the perimeter with a CAT 314 Excavator. Sometimes you run into an unexpected obstacle like an abundance of shallow bedrock. Our team was prepared to overcome challenges! Per the Geotechnical Representative’s direction, we hammered, removed, and backfilled with flowable fill with our CAT 279 Skid Steer. This work was completed with a Time and Material (T&M) change order to minimize the cost and lost time due to these existing conditions and ultimately made a positive impact for our client. As we completed the excavation, we placed rebar reinforcement and concrete for perimeter wall foundations.

By week five, we finished the interior column piers and began forming the column box-outs to begin prep of the slab on grade (SOG) stone pad. We spent time prepping the stone pad, installing a vapor barrier, and forming the first SOG. Another pivotal moment in a project is realizing when your team needs to keep pushing on despite where other subcontractors may be in their timeline. Through a few re-sequenced sections, our team made sure that production never slowed down. We put our drum roller to use and began forming the next SOG!

In week seven, we reached a milestone as we placed the first two of four slabs totaling approximately 23,000 square feet. The following week, we continued forming and placing the third and fourth slabs totaling approximately 21,500 square feet.

In the final four weeks of the project our crew started forming and reinforcing the tilt wall panels for the North side walls, West side walls, and South side walls. In week eleven, we hit another milestone as we placed all forty-two tilt panels in four days! We started strong in week twelve as our tilt panel erector set sixteen panels on the first day. When inclement weather rolled in for several days, we lost the remainder of the week but were able to finish erecting the remaining twenty-six panels the following Monday!

You can’t spare your new commercial build, industrial building, or general contracting project to just any contractor. Choose a construction group that will keep your project out of the gutter and a crew you can trust to deliver quality results on time and within budget (despite the soil, the weather, or what the timeline may throw our way.)

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