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East & Westbrook’s Company Culture: An Inside Look At Our Family-Focused Workplace

East & Westbrook Construction

Founded in 1977, East & Westbrook is more than a family-run business.

Creating a Family Feel Is Not Just What We Do: It’s Who We Are.

Founded in 1977, East & Westbrook is more than a family-run business. We are an organization that strives to create a place where our team members can grow both professionally and personally, all the while cultivating skill-sets within our trade/discipline. One way we do that is through our Team Green program. We mentor beginning team members in our trade, setting them up for success. Additionally, we give our team the tools to sharpen their leadership, take their precision to the next level and be a part of a family that stretches them in their career and personal life.

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Looking for a Career, Not a J.O.B.

Unlike some other companies within the construction industry, East & Westbrook is a career choice employer. Company President, Jonathan Westbrook, communicates it best.

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If you are looking for a place to learn a trade, improve your skill sets, have personal and professional growth opportunities, then we are the place for you.

Sticking to Our Core Values

As companies and corporations grow, that small family feel can occasionally fade away if your priorities do not mirror the values you set for your organization. Since our founding days, we have worked hard to ensure we remain true to the same core values that we started with—creating a space where our employees feel like family is and continues to be a key piece of our company culture. That is non-negotiable for us. Just ask our Transportation Operations Manager, Andrew East, who has been with us since he was sixteen years old.

Providing a competitive wage for our employees has been essential to East & Westbrook long before the "Great Resignation". Everyone wants and deserves to be appropriately compensated for their work. East & Westbrook looks at compensation with a broader lens. We look at compensation not just broken down by the hour but how we support our employees over their entire career. This means looking at how our training and advancement opportunities are a part of the compensation equation, and our employees have the opportunity to increase their salary as they continue their journey with us.

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The opportunity for growth is a current key consideration for many candidates in the construction industry and an area that East & Westbrook excels at. We can create career paths for our employees through our ongoing professional development, cross-training, and on-the-job training that mold everyone into a well-rounded construction professional.

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Our goal is to make you better, stronger, and faster than when you walked through our door. When you have the opportunity to grow in your career, that confidence can spill over into your personal life.

Two of our team members, Teresa and Zane, say it best.

Providing a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vision, dental, paid time off, and retirement program options are a critical component of what we offer our employees. We feel strongly that affordable healthcare is essential to any organization, covering 90% of healthcare costs for our East & Westbrook family members. Our belief in the importance of work-life balance lends itself to our policies concerning paid time off and our company 401k match incentive.

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Our team members are more than employees; they are family. Keeping our family safe is at the core of our business. Without upholding the most rigid safety standards, we couldn't build a lasting foundation for our concrete construction company. We take the trust our team and our clients place in us seriously. East & Westbrook has achieved a high level of safety consciousness and is proud of its achievement in incident prevention.

We are consistently looking for ways to support our team over the long term. This support includes but is not limited to the top in class for compensation, competitive employee benefits, personal and professional development, understanding of work and life balance, up-to-date safety training and processes, and an environment that feels like your second home. Creating a family feel is not just what we do; it is who we are.

Setting the Bar High

East & Westbrook sets the bar high for everything we do. We work to not only meet but exceed that bar every day. Creating an exceptional employee experience is not just a new trend here at East & Westbrook. It is a part of our foundation. There are numerous reasons why we are your best choice for employment within the construction industry. Not only are we the industry leader in competitive compensation & excellent benefits, but we offer year-round work, with no layoffs since we opened our doors in 1977. We care for our team, understanding the importance of creating a positive employee experience that includes a vibrant company culture, opportunities for advancement, rigid safety standards, and the place you want to come to work each day.

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We are the best in our industry because we take our company mission of being 100% committed to safety, quality, and performance seriously. When we take care of our team members and provide an exceptional employee experience, we can focus our attention on our core values related to our products and services.

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You’re not just another number to us. As a matter of fact, you’re not just another hard hat either.

We genuinely care about our team and encourage work-life balance. We want our East & Westbrook family members to enjoy their hobbies outside of work.

We are currently looking for candidates to join our team at East & Westbrook. Check out our careers page for all current openings.

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East & Westbrook Construction Co. Inc. has worked with commercial and industrial clients since 1977 to solve their most challenging construction problems. Through strategic partnership and calculated growth, we now offer our clients a wide variety of construction services both regionally and nationally. Today, 80% of our projects come from repeat customers. Our foundation is built on safety, quality and performance. Lastly, East & Westbrook was awarded by Louisville Business First the Best Place to Work Award. For more information about starting your next project or joining our team, call 502-222-0303.