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Bringing Value To Quality Control

East & Westbrook Construction

During a large construction project, you need a company that does whatever it can to create a hassle-free relationship.

We’ve perfected our process over the decades.

During a large construction project, you need a company that does whatever it can to create a hassle-free relationship. Here’s how East & Westbrook’s project management team handles a build so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Your Dedicated Estimator

With every East & Westbrook project, you’re assigned a customer-service-oriented estimator. It’s the most client-facing position, so they are expertly trained to take care of you from the very start to the very end of the project. That way, your next build goes as smoothly as possible.  

Benefits of In-House Work

When you work with an external concrete construction company, it can be a lengthy and expensive process to tweak designs and share renderings before making purchases. At East & Westbrook, those capabilities are in-house. That means we can meet with you face-to-face and make design or emergency changes ourselves. This proactive approach offers more real-time control and cost savings.

Our in-house concrete team is one example of how we keep our processes internal. Here’s a list of our other capabilities:

  • In-house Survey Department
  • In-house Quality Department
  • In-house Fabrication Shop
  • Self-Perform Concrete
  • Self-Perform Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
Saving You Money

Typically, there are three ways we keep your project on budget:

  1. Your next build will receive exactly the right amount of personnel. We don’t provide more on-site or off-site managers than are needed, because having them outnumber workers isn’t always valuable to you.
  2. Given our decades-long experience, we have the knowledge to identify equal, approved alternatives for materials, products or vendors. You’ll receive these suggestions promptly and when it’s right to do so.
  3. We help you understand where the sweet spot is between upfront costs and long-term value. For example, you may suggest installing a cheaper HVAC as opposed to an expensive, more efficient one. While you may save money initially, you could end up having to service the cheaper one more often, or it could break sooner.
Managing the Whole Project

When it comes to a construction project, we have our hands in every aspect of quality control. For instance, we handle things like permit processes and communicating with engineers, subcontracts, etc. And when—not if—a problem pops up, we don’t just bring it to your attention. We come ready with so many solutions that you’ll forget you had trouble in the first place.

If you want a construction company that brings more value than just being the lowest bidder, request a quote today.

Far too often, companies hire construction firms that approach each project the same. But our relationship with you is more important than that. We actively seek out ways to help you save time and money, which builds your trust.