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Better Together

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Safety is at the forefront of success at East & Westbrook.

Better Bond

Safety is at the forefront of success at East & Westbrook. Each year we hold an annual Safety Summit where, together, we review and discuss the previous year’s safety performance, while preparing our safety plans for the coming year. Every Safety Summit is themed and this year’s theme was BETTER TOGETHER!

This theme is the perfect way to commemorate the bond that our team collectively holds, paying tribute to the excellent safety records our team has accomplished. How do we have a better safety record? Well, it’s thanks to the support and accountability that each person has for their fellow teammates. We support the good catches that are made and we hold each other accountable when we see that something needs to change in order to keep each other safe. We believe that this safe culture stems from the fact that our people are not just another hard hat. Their lives matter and we focus on this daily. Our better bond makes us better together.

Better Build

Our team’s bond shines through every project that we build together. A company cannot expect its product to be successful if its team is not supported. The culture that we have created has led our business to build projects in 23 states across America. We are honored and humbled to see the growth unfold through 45 years of delivering solutions to complex problems, laying foundations, and building commercial and industrial projects.

greenbriar ew

We build on time. Sometimes there is limited, to no, flexibility in a customer’s schedule. It is our job to meet the set deadline! When we were presented with the opportunity to build a multi-level training facility for the Saints in West Virginia we couldn’t wait to “kick” it off! Building the Saint’s Greenbriar Training Facility meant working on the NFL’s schedule, and we delivered.

thunderbird ew

We solve complex problems. When we were selected to lay the foundation for the Thunderbird, a historical rollercoaster attraction at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN, we were presented with the complexity involving terrain and equipment. We had to plan and prepare for the trees that the roller coaster would weave through and its positioning near other coasters in the park. Precision was crucial for the safety of the riders, and we provided.

woodford ew

From barreling toward success as we laid the foundation for warehouses at Woodford Reserve, to running the extra mile as we prepared retaining walls at the Shively Track & Field for the University of Kentucky, we strive to exceed expectations for our customers. We build better, together.

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Better Business

We would not be a business without the continued relationships with our valued clients. We continue to grow and bring on new business and partnerships with clients, all the while, priding ourselves on 80% of our projects coming from recurring customers. Every new project with a new client is a way to showcase how our better bond leads to better builds, which increases our continued relationships and repeat projects!

One way to maintain the relationship that we have with our returning customers comes from the quality of work that we produce. A quality of work that is on time and on budget. Outside of our quality of work, we believe that another key to success is transparency. How do we keep this relationship open and honest? We invite our customers to our annual Safety Summit! They see the better build, they can experience the better bond, but how do they know we are truly better together without peeking behind the scenes? We invite them to witness what we faced as a company in the previous year and how we improve together for upcoming experiences. Nothing can be more transparent than airing honest experiences!


We invite you to experience our culture for yourself. To our customers, we thank you for your continued trust and we look forward to building your next Project!

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East & Westbrook Construction Co. Inc. has worked with commercial and industrial clients since 1977 to solve their most challenging construction problems. Through strategic partnership and calculated growth, we now offer our clients a wide variety of construction services both regionally and nationally. Today, 80% of our projects come from repeat customers. Our foundation is built on safety, quality, and performance. Lastly, East & Westbrook was awarded by Louisville Business First the Best Place to Work Award. For more information about starting your next project or joining our team, call 502-222-0303.