35,000 Square Foot
Wood Warehouse
Large Span Aircraft Hanger Indoor Soccer Facility Special Use Facility
The design-build concept, has consistently proven to be the fastest, most cost effective method of construction in recent years. Establishing a team relationship utilizing the individual knowledge of the project owner, the contractor and the architect pays huge dividends in shortened design time, accelerated construction schedules and a lower total cost for the project from conception to completion.

Pre-engineered metal buildings with their design flexibility, quick turnaround on delivery, and erection as well as favorable cost per square foot ratio, are ideally suited for design build projects. The East and Westbrook experienced staff can prepare conceptual drawings and a preliminary construction budget normally within one to two weeks following the initial design meeting. Blending the latest technology with quality, time-honored construction practices has allowed East and Westbrook to consistently provide high quality, on-budget, on-time projects to commercial and industrial owners all over the United States for more than 20 years.